Upper, Downers, All Arounders

Alcohol and drugs
Minutes Long: 

This two-part “multi-award” winning video is the most comprehensive program on  psychoactive drugs available.  This updated version provides more interviews with minorities, current information on drugs and HIV / AIDS, along with better animation. 

 PART 1: THE EFFECTS – examines how and why the physical and emotional centres of the brain are affected by psychoactive drugs.  It gives a general classification of drugs; discusses and illustrates tolerance, dependence, and withdrawal; and it examines the various levels of drug seeking behaviour (experimentation, social use, habituation, abuse and addiction).

 PART 2: THE DRUGS – Identifies the most commonly used psychoactive drugs, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, inhalants, look-alikes, marijuana and vallium; classifies them by effect; and shows how they are absorbed and metabolized.  A short history on drug use is also provided.

Produced By: 
CNS/ Cinemed Production
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