Letters To A Street Child

Teenage runaways
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Her new life began the night Andréa watched in terror as a skinhead living in her “squat” savagely beat his girlfriend.  A local pimp had been increasingly pressuring Andréa, a 14 year-old street kid, to work for him.  Dazed and disoriented after binging on a cocktail of illegal drugs and alcohol she found herself staring at an alcoholic sleeping one off on a park bench.  She was getting ready to steal the homeless man’s blanket when the turnaround came.  “That’s when I realized I was just like him”, the petite Andréa says.  I prayed and said to God if I did not die and if I woke up the next morning, I would go home.  The words in this film are those of her Father’s letters written to her during this time.   Street kids are among the cast and crew of the film. 

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National Film Board
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