Kellogg: Codependency Series

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Family codependency and recovery
Minutes Long: 
60 each

Terry Kellogg, host of this 6-part series on co-dependency is considered a pioneer in the treatment of dependent and co-dependent behaviour.  Co-dependency is described as a pattern of learned behaviours that produces confusion, denial, anxiety, shame, depression, and excess guilt as well as compulsive, self-destructive behaviours and stress related illnesses.

 PART 1. FAMILY ROLES:    (60 min.) Describes and discusses the roles that family members are assigned in order to meet the needs and stay within the rigid rules of the dysfunctional family systems.

 PART 2. INTIMACY IN RECOVERING RELATIONSHIPS    (60 min.) A discussion of self-destructive behaviours and patterns that are a result of the loss of childhood, self and choice in dysfunctional systems.  Terry pursues the discovery of self as we learn to set limits, build boundaries and become the person we were meant to be.

 PART 3. VICTIMIZATION    (60 min.) A focus on the victim, the offender, and the collusive roles that occur in dysfunctional families, which tend to support continuing violence and the violation of boundaries.

 PART 4. MY MOTHER, MY FATHER, MY SELF.(60 min.) Here Terry Kellogg discusses inappropriate bonding in dysfunctional families and the effect of intimacy in future relationships.  Recovery    involves recognition of the abuse, rebuilding boundaries, setting limits and individuating.

 PART 5. SHAME AND RECOVERY     (60 min.) Identifies shame as one of the biggest blocks to recovery, and defines it as the sense of our own worthlessness, our flawed and damaged integrity; He discusses the origins of shame and the way it relates to other dependencies and the recovery process.

 PART 6. BROKEN TOYS    (60 min.) The inner child responds to the dysfunctional family and discusses sexual, emotional, and/or physical abuse in childhood; it requires a response that carries into adulthood.  Terry links the response to the abuse and helps us see that our self-destructive behaviour is about what happened to us and not who we are.

Produced By: 
Terry Kellogg - Lifeworks Communication
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