Eating Disorders

Bradshaw: Eating Disorders - 3 parts

Minutes Long: 
60 each

John Bradshaw’s series of three workshops tackle 4-major eating disorders; Binging (obesity), Purging (bulimia), Starving (anorexia), and Obsession with Eating and Dieting (fat/thin disorder).  Bradshaw believes that food addiction replaces the deep need each of us has for love and intimacy.  To find the core of the problem and begin to work on solutions, Bradshaw returns to the family.  In this series he relates that food addicted families have unreasonable demands for loyalty and togetherness.  Above all, they have serious problems resolving conflicts.

Produced By: 
Life Cycle Learning

Addictions: Chemical and Behavioral

Minutes Long: 

Overview of the basic principals of addiction. As well as covering the traditional addiction to drugs and alcohol, it also shows how gambling and certain eating habits also represent addiction.

Produced By: 
National Health Videos
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